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  • midday class on Tuesday 21st November NOW HELD ON Tuesday December 12th same times

    Body Control Pilates classes in Twickenham and Strawberry Hill

    From beginner pilates to advanced matwork, pilates will help to improve your core stability, assist with injury rehabilitation, and greatly improve your posture.

    Body Control Pilates is a remarkably effective form of exercise. It is ideal for those new to exercise and those seeking rehabilitation from injury or looking for an exercise method that relieves stress and tension. Pilates is designed to improve physical and mental wellbeing and is also suitable for anyone looking for a more challenging workout.

    Available Classes

    From beginner pilates to advanced matwork, these classes will help to improve your core stability, assist with injury rehabilitation, and greatly improve your posture.  One to one private classes (available in person and on zoom), pilates reformer classes and Back4Good® consultations are also available.

    In person classes current term – 30th October 2023 – 6th December 2023.

    Length: 6 weeks.

    Cost: £78 .

    Diane offers both large group and small group zoom classes.

    Zoom current term start – 30th October 2023

    Length: 7 weeks.

    New clients welcome, but please fill in the enrollment form before joining a zoom class.

    Barre Concept classes combines the precision of Pilates with the technique of ballet, the alignment of yoga and the strength from sports conditioning.



    Pilates is holistic in nature and is based upon a well constructed philosophical foundation. Central to the method is an ‘awareness of your own body’ and each exercise is built around eight guiding principles.

    Other Classes

    Diane runs one-off workshops for foam roller pilates and advanced pilates during the year. Email Diane to book.

    The next Advanced class will be held on TBA

    Please do not be put off by the word ‘advanced’, as long as you are injury free and have been doing pilates for a while and are able to work sensibly, then please come along and have a go.

    The next Foam Roller class will be held on  TBA.

    Find out more about Foam Roller Classes.

    All Back4Good® Practitioners are Body Control Pilates teachers who have successfully completed comprehensive additional training on the subject of low back pain. They are accredited by SkillsActive and the Register of Exercise Professionals at Level 4 specialist status and by BackCare, the national charity for healthier backs.

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