Please ensure that you give at least 24 hours notice of cancellation for 1:1 sessions, otherwise you will be charged in full.


Please email Diane if you’d like private one to one or couples in person or via zoom class

Diane will be able to see and interact with you during the class.

  • £50 per Person
  • £70 per Couple

About Private sessions

1 to 1, and 2 to 1 sessions are available. These sessions are particularly good for ironing out any specific problems you may be experiencing.

Bring / Wear

  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • Socks are useful for some of the exercises.
  • All equipment is provided.
Private pilates classes

About Back4Good® sessions

All Back4Good® Practitioners are Body Control Pilates teachers who have successfully completed comprehensive additional training on the subject of low back pain. They are accredited by SkillsActive and the Register of Exercise Professionals at Level 4 specialist status and by BackCare, the national charity for healthier backs.

During the consultation we will discuss medical history and any relevant scans and reports received from your medical practitioner. Once the consultation process has been completed you will be taught a series of exercises designed to help you control your movements and improve your posture, increasing both the strength and flexibility of your back.

Back4Good consultations

Features of a Back4Good® session

  • One to one.
  • Hour long sessions.
  • Initial consultation including medical notes review.
  • Discuss ‘Get Active’ diary and identify short, medium and long term goals.
  • Homework pilates exercise sheets are given.
  • Regular progress reviews.

Bring / Wear

  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • Socks are useful for some of the exercises.
  • All equipment is provided.

What people say…

I slipped a disc L4-5 just before my daughter turned one

I spent over nine months in acute pain. Having treatments that never got me much past miserable. Then I found Diane and Back4Good on the internet…

Diane is simply brilliant. She knows her subject. She knows bodies. She has the ability to see you out of alignment and correct you immediately. She paces and pushes you appropriately and effectively. She is a practitioner you can trust….and she is lovely.

You will learn about your body and it will give you some control back in your life.


Six years after seeing 3 different back specialists, injections, physiotherapists, osteopaths and acupuncture I found ‘Back4Good’ Pilates and Diane Parrilla.
The loss of discs L5 and L4 had left me with very little back and core muscle control and debilitating pain, which meant that any exercise left me feeling exhausted and ill. Finally a new Neurosurgeon at Hammersmith hospital gave me two choices back surgery to fuse my vertebra or I could try ‘Back4Good’ Pilates?

I had known Diane for several years and after speaking to her she set up a program for me, which I can say hand on heart has changed my life. My 1:1 classes at the beginning were re training my brain to allow small movement to strengthen my back and core muscles, I continued to work on this program at home each day and after five weeks I was able to join her weekly class. I haven’t looked back since.

Having started the programme in 2012, I find it difficult to remember the person I’d become during the six years of pain and debilitation and thanks to the continuous care an attention in Diane’s classes I will never be that person again.

Vivienne Bradshaw

About Reformer sessions

The reformer is a pilates machine that enables you to build strength, mobility and more. The resistance that it offers gives you better body awareness needed to make progressive steps from basic mat work to advanced mat work.

Features of a Reformer Session

  • great for general conditioning
  • great for rehabilitation
  • great for beginners to become body aware more quickly

Bring / Wear

  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • Socks are useful for some of the exercises.
  • All equipment is provided.