Diane Parrilla formally trained with the Royal Ballet School in London, working with major productions both abroad and here in London.  Due to personal injuries after working as a professional ballet dancer she took up Pilates to help re-build strength and flexibility.

Falling in love with the pilates method, Diane was so impressed with the results she decided to become a Pilates teacher in order to help others. She trained with the Body Control Pilates Association in 2002 and since then has continued to develop her knowledge.

Since becoming a qualified Body Control teacher Diane regularly attends courses, classes and workshops in order to continue her professional development.


  • Certified Body Control Pilates Teacher (Register of Exercise Professionals Level 3) www.bodycontrol.co.uk
  • Barre Concept teacher
  • A BackCare Professional
  • Certified Back4Good® Practitioner (Register of Exercise Professionals Level 4) www.back4good.eu
  • Reformer Qualified
  • Osteoporosis and bone health level 3

Diane feels that it is important that classes are beneficial and fun for her clients and seeks to provide a  relaxed atmosphere in which clients are able to feel comfortable and enjoy their experience.

Diane is proud to be a supervising teacher for the Body Control Pilates Association. Through this role, she guides and inspires student teachers, throughout their training.

Diane is extremely passionate about Pilates which is reflected in both her classes and by the positive feedback from her clients. She hopes to continue to help clients to feel the benefits of Pilates and teach for many years to come.