Diane has taught many happy clients over the years.  Here is what some of them have to say.

I’ve been with Diane since 2010. She’s worked with me to sort out so many different concerns of mine – balance, flexibility and managing the affects of cancer treatment. My progress has been far more effective than I could have hoped, having tried a number of different therapies and alternative pilates instructors. For the first time, I understand what I’m doing and why. I can’t recommend her highly enough and have happily referred a number of friends to her, very successfully.
Joanna – Chiswick
I was looking to get back into Pilates after having my daughter and this has been the perfect class for me. Diane is so encouraging, explains the techniques really well and also manages to keep an eye on everyone during the class to make sure you are doing it properly. I feel it has made a real difference to me.
I have been going to Diane’s Pilates classes for many years, and hope to continue for many more. I look forward to the classes every week, which are always interesting and fun with a new level of challenge each week. The teaching is very clear and Diane takes into account all levels of ability as well as adapting exercises for any individuals specific injuries or weaknesses. Diane is a truly inspirational teacher and I am constantly recommending her classes to anyone who is interested.
Jo Mckinney
I slipped a disc L4-5 just before my daughter turned one. I spent over nine months in acute pain. Having treatments that never got me much past miserable. Then I found Diane and Back4Good on the internet…Diane is simply brilliant. She knows her subject. She knows bodies. She has the ability to see you out of alignment and correct you immediately. She paces and pushes you appropriately and effectively. She is a practitioner you can trust….and she is lovely. You will learn about your body and it will give you some control back in your life.
Over the past year I have attended Diane’s Pilates classes and look forward to my weekly sessions. I have in the past had severe back and shoulder pain.I have found Diane’s classes so beneficial, helping to strengthen my core body but most of all helping me de stress. Her classes are fun and relaxing. Diane is extremely patient and pays attention to all her class attendees
Carm – Twickenham
Diane has a unique ability to notice what your body needs and accordingly help release, relax, energize or encourage you to do more advance exercise.Her sessions are perfect balance of strengthening, relaxing and stretching. She is professional, friendly and approachable.  In my opinion she is one of the best Body Control Pilates teachers.
Viki Stekic – Body Control Pilates Teacher
I have been going to Diane’s Pilates classes since 2012. Having tried it before I can say that these are the best classes I ever did. She is very precise in her teaching, aware of our abilities and she always brings something new and refreshing to every lesson.
Tiziana Jarvis
I have been attending Diane’s classes for several years now and thoroughly recommend them. Diane is an excellent teacher, clear and motivating and always remembers if you have any problem areas or issues. I notice a difference in my ability and muscle tone week to week and have never felt stronger. As a person who is not naturally inclined to exercise I actually look forward to class each week and miss them during the holidays.
Jo Curteis
After having a hip and knee replacement I felt rather apprehensive to rejoin a Pilates class but since attending Diane’s classes I have regained and improved my mobility, flexibility and strength thanks to Diane’s safe, careful and encouraging teaching.
Yvonne – 85 years
I have attended Diane’s pilates classes for a few years now and I would certainly recommend her as an excellent teacher. Her classes are well-planned with exercises flowing well together and focussing on various parts of the body. Classes progress in difficulty over the term enabling participants to see and feel what they have achieved over the weeks.Diane will often suggest more advanced options to exercises to more experienced attendees thereby encouraging individuals to progress at their own rate.As an osteopath I am impressed by Diane’s ability to balance a complete body workout with maximum regard for safety. I very much enjoy and look forward to her classes.
Claire Lisboa
I’ve been going to Diane’s classes since 2008 and am always recommending her to friends. Her classes have a great pace and flow, with really clear instructions woven in so you don’t have stop and listen. I’ve improved loads and am still learning something new each time. I always leave feeling a hundred times better than when I walked in – more energised, less stressed and bit taller!As a supervising teacher, Diane is really supportive and encouraging while giving you clear feedback on what needs to improve and how. She’s great at making it all seem possible, even on a day when you’re wondering if you’ll ever get there. Being in her classes as an assistant/observer is inspiring in itself as Diane’s own teaching style is fantastic
Toni – Body Control teacher
Even after moving out of the area, Diane’s classes are worth the hour trek across London every week!Ready to adapt every exercise to each individual’s abilities and niggling aches and pains (of which I have many!), Diane is a talented Pilates teacher who I would happily recommend to anyone.
Maria Kois
I have been coming to Pilates with Diane since 2007 now and really look forward to and enjoy every session, she is so professional and thorough, she is also so good at putting everybody at ease and takes care of everybody’s needs! It’s better than a full body massage!
Sue Leeny
I have been taking Pilates classes with Diane since 2007 and I have found it vastly beneficial.  Diane’s gentle and relaxed way of teaching gave me confidence to try some of the more advanced moves.  Pilates has become a vital part of maintaining my general health and wellbeing and it will continue to be a part of my routine for the future
Mandy – Twickenham
I’ve been taking class with Diane for a few years now – initially for a back complaint and then with frozen shoulder – pilates has helped enormously in keeping those injuries at bay but specifically Diane is an excellent teacher! She somehow manages to always give everyone in the class full individual attention, and is brilliant at managing a multitude of varied physical needs within her lesson plan… and always with good humour.
Clare Eden
Six years after seeing 3 different back specialists, injections, physiotherapists, osteopaths and acupuncture I found ‘Back4Good’ Pilates and Diane Parrilla.The loss of discs L5 and L4 had left me with very little back and core muscle control and debilitating pain, which meant that any exercise left me feeling exhausted and ill. Finally a new Neurosurgeon at Hammersmith hospital gave me two choices back surgery to fuse my vertebra or I could try ‘Back4Good’ Pilates?I had known Diane for several years and after speaking to her she set up a program for me, which I can say hand on heart has changed my life. My 1:1 classes at the beginning were re training my brain to allow small movement to strengthen my back and core muscles, I continued to work on this program at home each day and after five weeks I was able to join her weekly class. I haven’t looked back since.Having started the programme in 2012, I find it difficult to remember the person I’d become during the six years of pain and debilitation and thanks to the continuous care an attention in Diane’s classes I will never be that person again.
Vivienne Bradshaw